When you’re having a clear-out of your house, or a garden or garage clearance, you’re faced with a few ways to get rid of your rubbish. Do you go for the quick convenience of waste removal, or do you opt for skip hire and fill it as you go?

Both are good ways to dispose of large amounts of waste of all kinds, without having to sort it into different recyclable materials and take it to the council tip yourself. Which method you choose depends on personal preference, but there are some pros and cons that can help you to decide.

Why Choose Waste Removal?

Waste removal is the one-and-done solution to getting rid of quantities of rubbish from any kind of home renovations and refurbishments, DIY and interior redesign, garden and garage clearance.

You don’t have to do much – just set aside the materials you don’t want to keep and schedule a visit from our ‘man with a van’ waste removal experts.

On the day, we’ll arrive with a van big enough to transport the agreed amount of rubbish. We’ll take care of loading your waste into our van, and we’ll separate out anything recyclable so we can dispose of everything as responsibly as possible.

It’s a very low-effort option for you to get rid of almost anything, without having a skip on your property for 1-2 weeks. We can even take bulky items like sofas – just give us a call if you have an old couch you want to get rid of.

Why Choose Skip Hire?

Skip hire is more a case of throw-as-you-go, with a skip placed on your property or outside on the road, so that you have somewhere to put your waste as you go along.

Keeping everything in one place can be a good idea during DIY and building/decorating work, so you’re not tripping over waste materials in the areas where you’re working. A skip gives you that very clearly defined place for your rubbish to go.

Again, you also benefit from not needing to sort your waste streams or transport them to your local council recycling centre. Just fill your skip to the safe level and arrange for it to be collected, and all your waste is gone at one time.

Which is Better?

Skip hire requires a bit more admin, especially if you want to put your skip on the road. You’ll need a skip permit from your local authority, which may expire in as little as seven days, and can cost upwards of £100 in some London boroughs.

There’s also the risk of other people fly-tipping their own rubbish in your skip overnight, leaving you with less capacity for your own waste – and potentially dumping hazardous materials like asbestos, which your skip hire provider will be unable to collect.

With waste removal, you avoid these issues. Instead, just collect all your rubbish in one place as you progress through your work, and then arrange a professional waste clearance whenever you’re ready and we’ll take care of it as quickly and quietly as we can.

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