As the days get longer and we all come out of winter hibernation, it’s high time for a spring clean to get your house in order for the spring and summer months.

We always see a surge in interest in domestic skip hire in London at this time of year, as well as an increase in enquiries from professional cleaners and decorators.

So with that in mind, we’ve put together some of our top tips for spring cleaning in London, to help you maximise your use of space in your home and stay organised all year round.

1. Be methodical

A spring clean is much less stressful if you’re methodical about it. If you’re tackling multiple rooms, give yourself time to get through it – even if it takes weeks to get everything how you want it.

Declutter first, then dust and vacuum, then finally focus on finishing touches like windowsills and skirting boards.

You’re likely to encounter a LOT of dust, so keep a handheld vacuum nearby if you have one, and consider wearing a mask if you suffer from dust allergies.

2. Estimate your skip size

A 240-litre wheelie bin will hold 5-6 black bags of rubbish at most. If your council issues a lot of recycling bins, it’s likely your general waste bin is smaller, giving you room for just 3-4 bags and 2-3 weeks between collections.

That’s why spring cleaning is such a driving force behind the demand for domestic skip hire in London. Try to estimate the size of skip you’ll need. Even an 8 yard skip will hold 75-80 bin bags, equivalent to about a year’s worth of 240-litre wheelie bin collections if yours is only emptied every three weeks!

3. Throw it out!

Nobody’s asking you to get rid of family heirlooms, but be brutal about the things with no sentimental value. Are you going to read those old books, newspapers and magazines? Do you still use that wonky old flatpack furniture?

Once you start throwing items away and see the difference it makes to your space, you might find yourself on a roll. In our experience, it’s easier to get more stuff than it is to get more space, so make the most of this opportunity!

4. Bust the dust

Dust is the arch-enemy of spring cleaning, so once you’ve skipped all your unwanted items, get to work with the vacuum cleaner and a stack of microfibre cloths.

Empty the vacuum regularly – this is a good way to fill any remaining space in your skip before it’s collected – and as we said earlier, consider wearing a mask (even a spare Covid mask should help) if you’re prone to sneezing around dust.

5. Clean and preen

At last it’s time to actually clean! One good general-purpose cleaning product can work wonders on almost every surface, so don’t feel like you need a dozen different bottles per room.

Look for anywhere that needs preening rather than cleaning – a fresh coat of paint or some plasterwork filler, for example – and either do it yourself or call in a handyman, and you can get your home back to its best. You deserve it!

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